About Irving

Irving Yee is a Tai Chi instructor in New York City.  He first started learning Tai Chi Chuan with Yang Style Grandmaster William CC Chen at the age of 25.  Within a very short time, he became an assistant teacher at the school while participating in many martial arts competitions around the country and world. 

In 2001, Irving won his first major Push Hands tournament in the USA Wushu Kung Fu Federation National Championships in San Diego.  In the next few years, he went on to compete in many tournaments, including the 2004 Chung Hwa Cup International Taijiquan Championship in Taiwan.

In 2006, Irving began teaching Tai Chi on his own, and became the Tai Chi instructor at Wave Hill, a public garden in the Bronx.  Today, he teaches in Maplewood NJ at Studio 509 Fitness and at the Wellspring Health Collective.  His approach has been to teach Tai Chi as a way of life.  It brings nature into focus, so students can observe the beauty of nature and respect its forces.   His great enjoyment is to develop a community there.

During his years at Wave Hill, Irving’s interest in going deeper led him to meet his second teacher - Wu Style Master Garry Choy.  On this note, Irving is very thankful to both his Tai Chi Masters for bringing the gift of Tai Chi to him.  His teachings and ideas are based from the genius minds of Master Chen and Master Choy.

Irving now teaches students to make significant breakthroughs in mind, heart and body by practicing Tai Chi.  It starts with simple exercises that you can do throughout the day.  His newest program teaches Tai Chi in one easy movement that can turn into a daily routine to help you increase your circulation and boost your energy levels.