I want you to think about that possibility.

It can help you live your life better.

Imagine a life without being sick all the time.  No more magical medicine to get you back to normal.  No serious surgeries for you to take.  No wheelchair in your future because you’ve avoided disability.

That is a better and good life.


But how do you turn this possibility into reality? 

It starts with making wise choices. 

The choice in front of you right now is either to explore Tai Chi further or to go back to your regularly scheduled program.

Do you want to build strength and increase your flexibility?  Tai Chi makes your bones stronger.  It energizes the body in a way that does not make you feel exhausted after a workout.  It brings balance. 

Do you want to restore calmness in your body?  Perhaps you want to have peace in your mind.  Maybe, you want to get in touch with your inner self.

Do you want to improve your emotional health?  Learn to avoid irritability, mood swings and even depression.  You make better decisions when your judgment is clear.

If you want to experience Tai Chi, then I have good news for you.

Anybody at any age can do Tai Chi.  And Tai Chi can be practiced at anytime, anywhere.

In fact, I can bring Tai Chi to you wherever you are, at work, and even in the comfort of your own home.  It can be done with today’s technology.  You choose.

Living your life fully as described above is your choice.  Working together towards that goal is also your choice.  I will be your Tai Chi guide if you do.


So what’s the next step?

My Tai Chi programs are adaptable to your individual needs.  You certainly would learn the traditional forms as I have learned them from my Master in one program.  There are 37 postures or 60 movements in the short form.  This would require a considerable amount of time.

But, if you don’t have the time, I have devised shorter programs where I teach easy and simple exercises so you can understand Tai Chi just the same.  In these programs, you’ll be able to do Tai Chi on your own… instantaneously.  You’ll get the same benefits as if you were doing the entire 60 movements of the form.

So just fill out the application by clicking the button below.

Do you want personal training to build strength, reduce stress?

Do you want to arrange a Tai Chi workshop for your special event?

Do you want to hold Tai Chi classes at your place of business?

If we feel a connection from your application below, then you and I will choose a schedule that works for our calendars.  We will also choose the place that works best for both of us.

Work With Me 3.png

Who is this for? 

This is your journey to experience Tai Chi in a unique manner.  Find your path to peace.  Discover your body.   Be open to the beauty of your inner chi.

If that sounds great, then this is for you.

I created my Tai Chi programs for people who truly want to learn Tai Chi and use it every day immediately.

While these programs can be consumed for their intellectual knowledge, they will be most effective for you if you are committed to changing your body, by changing your habits and implementing Tai Chi practice into your day-to-day.

If you don’t feel comfortable about making it stick, then Tai Chi is probably not for you.  It is one thing to know, it’s another to do.  And it’s also an entirely different thing to be.  You must live Tai Chi in order to fully experience its benefits.

So start living your life fully…

With Tai Chi!

Let's See If This Is A Good Fit!